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Career and Commercial Management

Commercial support and building a financial foundation for a racing driver is now one of the hardest but most important factors in motor racing. We work very closely with our partners MPA Commercial to build upon our own and our drivers network to secure financial support which aids graduation and success in the sport. We consult at every level to ensure that we are targeting the right market and securing the sponsorship and investment our drivers deserve.

Media/PR/Digital/Commercial assistance/ events

Veloce Sports have a partnership with the PR company MPA Creative who are the best and most established motor racing PR and Events company in the UK. Clients include Honda in F1, BTCC, MSA, Autosport.

Clients will have a full time dedicated team at MPA Creative on hand to offer their expertise in the following services:

  • Race reports distributed to a motorsport dedicated mailing list
  • Web and social media management
  • Graphic design
  • Content acquisition and distribution
  • Events and networking

Performance Management

Veloce Sports offer the best and proven driver coaches for their drivers. With experience across the board of all motor racing disciplines, our driver coaches always prepare to the highest of standards and work at a very professional level with clear goals. Whether it is a karting graduate or an established professional racing driver, we offer a bespoke service to suit every requirement.

Performance Management

Racing drivers at all levels need performance management. Veloce Sports manage at all levels catering for young karters to Formula 1 drivers. We handle everything surrounding the driver so they can focus purely on their job behind the steering wheel. Team/championship selection, testing/race programmes, driver coaching, physio support, graduation programmes and simulator sessions are just some of the areas we focus on.

  • Driver coaching on location
  • Pre-event preparation
  • Plan testing programmes
  • Championship selection
  • Team placement
  • Pre-post season preparations
  • Karting to cars graduation support
  • Single seater to LMP or GT transition support
  • Simulator work
  • Physical training planning

Dedicated PA / Concierge

Our dedicated Client Relations Manager, Mariella Bailey is on hand 24/7 to all of our clients. Mariella supports in logistics planning for drivers and their families from visa applications, licenses, entries, flights, hotels, pick ups, hire cars, chauffeur, lawyer, tuition etc. etc.


We have a dedicated PA at Veloce Sports to handle  all logistics for drivers and their families from visa applications, licenses, entries, flights, hotels, pick ups, hire cars, chauffeur, lawyer, tuition etc.


Veloce Sports have a retained sports lawyer for all driver contracts and support for any judicial procedures from race appeals or related incidents.


We have simulators available to all Veloce Sports drivers in the UK (near Silverstone) and also Monte Carlo.


Veloce Sports are able to provide serviced accommodation in Surrey for our athletes to live in. Within 20 minutes of London Heathrow airport, most UK race circuits are within 2 hours drive and London city centre is 40 minutes away by train.

Academic Tuition

Private tutoring. International students tutor.

Chapperone/Travel guardian

Veloce Sports provide a travel chaperone to all clients if required. We can handle all pick ups/transport from anywhere to the next destination.

Close Working Partners

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